Welcome to NQ Kayakers in Townsville, North Queensland. We are a young paddle club that started affiliation with Australian Canoeing in 2008 – we are not saying that our members are all young, mind (to the most casual observer, a representation of greying hair and a few receding hairlines will confirm this). One key value of the NQ group is that we are inclusive; we welcome all who like to have fun on the water, be it on short paddles, day trips, multi day expeditions or having a go at canoe polo.

Our current membership has a range of kayakers who vary in experience and skills; it has been well proven that you don’t have to be a gun paddler to join in most of our outings on the water. NQ Kayaker’s main objective is to have fun while learning safely, and messing about in boats is a great way to gain confidence no matter what kayak disciplines you engage in. We have learned some of our best water lessons outside of our boats while swimming around the precious gel coat or tupperware!

Our calendar shows the recreational trips and canoe polo events that will be held throughout the year. These are just the planned activities – of course, members do far more than these and often impromptu paddles are organised by various members at short notice and ‘word’ gets out by email and mobile. So… check out the calendar and see if you would like to join us in an upcoming activity.

For any further information please email nqkayakers@hotmail.com.



Jack O'Malley (Captain U18 Australia A), George Fitzgerald (U18 Australia A) and Cody Larsen (U18 Australia B) competed in the 2009 Oceania Canoe...

Our new club home, the Kirwan Aquatic Centre, is back in business. Canoe polo is back on beginning this Wednesday, 15 June – see you all at the pool.

AGM News

Thanks to all who attended the AGM – your new executive is as follows: Jim – President; Paul – Vice; Charles – Secretary; and Susannah – Treasurer. Congratulations to all and all the best with your new roles. A big thanks to the past members who filled positions; particulary Gary, Macca and Pete. You have been a big help lads and will be missed – all the best with your endeavours – we will see you on the water!